When in Amsterdam you should visit…

When you think of Amsterdam, you picture the centre with its beautiful canals. You picture canal houses with some of the city’s finest architecture. You picture crowded streets with o-so-many bicycles. That or you picture the red light district and coffee shops. And I’m not talking about Starbucks if you know what I mean *wink, wink! Most tourists only explore the centre while some tourists want to visit the ‘not so touristic’ parts of Amsterdam. The centre is indeed very beautiful, but this city has a lot more to offer.

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Stuff Dutch people like

There is this book called ‘Stuff Dutch People Like’ by Colleen Geske and I have to say, it is very funny. And true. I recognized a lot of stuff that I did not even think as unusual or even ‘typical Dutch’.
The author is from Canada, but she is living in Amsterdam. The book discusses many topics like ‘gezelligheid’, stroopwafels, red pants, Dutch directness, the colour orange and more oh-so-Dutch things.

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Female travellers

As you all may know Hostelle is the only all female hostel in the Netherlands. Why you say? We have noticed that the last couple of years women are feeling more and more comfortable travelling alone or with a small group of women. Although its recommended to allow caution in some countries, especially Europe is a female friendly destination to travel alone. Amsterdam is known as one of the most friendly female desitinations. In general the local population is very friendly and helpful and has a big asset that almost all of the locals speak english. Its is therefore logical that Hollands only female hostel is in Amsterdam. And then Hostelle was born on march 8 2012!

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City of bikes

Amsterdam is the world’s capital of bikes, that is a fact! Not only Amsterdam but the entire country owns a wide and specialized infrastructure that promotes a better and healthier way of life for everybody.

There are more bikes than citizens and it’s not surprising, as the Dutch people know this is the most convenient way to travel around due to the geography of The Netherlands.

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