Female travellers

As you all may know Hostelle is the only all female hostel in the Netherlands. Why you say? We have noticed that the last couple of years women are feeling more and more comfortable travelling alone or with a small group of women. Although its recommended to allow caution in some countries, especially Europe is a female friendly destination to travel alone. Amsterdam is known as one of the most friendly female desitinations. In general the local population is very friendly and helpful and has a big asset that almost all of the locals speak english. Its is therefore logical that Hollands only female hostel is in Amsterdam. And then Hostelle was born on march 8 2012!

We have noticed a couple of things working at Hostelle about female travellers:

  • Women dont know the phrase “travel light”. Even if they come to stay for one day, they could easily extend for a whole week without a refill of any kind.
  • Being a female traveller does not mean that you have to look bad on holiday. Girls coming to stay at Hostelle take care of there looks. Our make-up table is heavily used, professionally…..
  • You girls love to cook. The look on most girls faces when we say ‘we have a kitchen’, priceless! Food we have seen coming by made from scratch are; sushi, bread, some gorgeous dessert from a pastry chef from Paris, brownies, home-made noodles, freshly made pasta, stir fry and the list goes on. Some girls take the cake with lavish brunches and three course meals!
  • You do like girly things. That means that when a movie title is selected 99% chance its a chickflick. The color pink is widely appreciated, 50 shades of Grey has been in our bookcase 4 times and disappeared 4 times. We love to walk around in our pyjamas, prefferably with pink bunnies on them.
  • Female groups travelling tend to be really organized, everybody has their own task.
  • Women in every age group are visiting Hostelle. Our oldest female traveller was 80 years old!

All in all we really enjoy being a female hostel! We can offer a homelike atmosphere and all the things you need when you are a female traveller. But there are a few things that female travellers should keep in consideration;

  • Dont go on guided tours with people you meet in the streets
  • Keep your money and passport in a safe, hidden place
  • Be sure to let family and friends know where you are staying
  • Be carefull with postings on Facebook about your whereabouts
  • Dont wander into non-touristic areas during the night
  • Ask the receptionist at Hostelle or the place you are staying where it is safe to go as a female

For the rest we wish you happy female travelling!