Get your Hostelle bike

MyHotelBike is serving Hostelle with a fantastic fleet of Hostelle bikes right at your hostel. The vision of both Hostelle and MyHotelBike is to contribute positively to the environmental impact of our businesses and empowering you during your stay. Cycling reduces carbon emissions, traffic congestion and travel times and aids the health and wellbeing of those who participate. For many, it is a beautiful new way of moving around, as for so many people, they have really only known car travel or public transport.

Cycling is hands down the best way to see Amsterdam and in fact all of the Netherlands.  There is reportedly only one hill in the entire country, and it’s in the south!  The largest hills you will cycle over in Amsterdam are the quaint cobbled bridges over the many beautiful canals, so it is such a physically gentle and efficient way to see our beautiful country.

If you have any safety concerns, then no need to worry. The Netherlands is a very safe country, as is the city of Amsterdam. At MyHotelBike’s web page you find more info about safe cycling and fun cycling facts.

The provision of dedicated bicycle lanes makes cycling an incredibly safe activity and a fantastic way to get around, any time of night or day. You just need to keep your eye on the other tourists!

The centre of Amsterdam with all of its world heritage canal belt and city architecture, museums and sights, is just half an hour by bike, and a great way to exercise and take in the Dutch way of life.

A favourite bike ride for Amsterdammers is to travel south along the Amstel river, to a beautiful village called ‘Oude Kerk’. This is just a twenty minute ride for Hostelle guests, and the beautiful green fields, quaint cafe, and river vistas do not disappoint.

Just a ten minute bike ride from the hostel is the small, quirky museum ‘Vrolik’, which houses a large, unique collection focusing on oddities and  deformities in human and animal anatomy. Apparently not for the faint of heart though so be prepared!

Just an easy five minute ride from Hostelle, don’t miss a local student favourite, Cinnabon, serving delicious iced cinnamon buns, Dutch-style!

Your stay and cycle activities at Hostelle, will be an experience not to forget. An opportunity to explore a locals area of Amsterdam, amongst the comfort of a home away from home, with all of the beauty and excitement that a visit to the iconic city of Amsterdam will bring.